10 décembre 2021

1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius

Day 7:


This morning we were very sad to leave this beautiful country, with its crazy and incredible landscapes.
We came back in a plane of the company Air New Zealand.

On the way back, we took the time to savour the last moments in New Zealand.
See you soon, for a new trip!
Romeo and Marius.

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1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius !

Day 6:


It was the penultimate day on New Zealand soil,
For the last day we had a lot planned:
-The first was that we went to Mount Tongariro and it was beautiful with snow.
-The second thing was that we went skydiving in the afternoon, it was breathtaking.
-And the last thing was that at the end of the evening we went out to the Christchurch Casino and won $300.
It was a great end to our trip to New Zealand.

Bye !

Our departure by plane in the next message!

Mount TongariroSaut en Parachute à La Baule en Loire-Atlantique (44)Christchurch Casino | Activities & Tours in Christchurch - Canterbury, New Zealand

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1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius !

Day 5:


Today's programme included a match with the All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team.
Then we also played a sport that is very popular there: NetBall.
Netball is a team sport played between two teams of seven players in a stadium. It was developed in England in the 1890s as a derivative of basketball. Each team tries to score goals by passing the ball across the court and shooting through the baskets.
At the end of the day we were on a beach watching the sunset.
Bye, Bye!

More on our journey in the next post!


Négociations en cours pour le rachat des All Blacks | lepetitjournal.comNetball — WikipédiaNouvelle-Zélande Le Coucher Du - Photo gratuite sur Pixabay

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1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius

Day 4:


We meet again for the fourth day in New Zealand!

This day was very full as we visited first the Rotorua museum, we ate in a restaurant offering
Hangi but it is not only a dish, but also an ancestral cooking method specific to the Maoris and also descended from the Polynesian culture! This dish is most often found in the Rotorua region.

To taste it properly, a whole ritual is necessary: first of all, a large hole must be dug in the ground, at the bottom of which heated volcanic stones are placed, then, in baskets, the meat (chicken or other) and vegetables (sweet potato, potato, etc.) are placed, followed by a cloth to protect the food before covering it with earth. It takes about 3-4 hours of cooking, so it is not improvised, but the taste is really unique.
It was a recipe unique to New Zealand and the Maori who were the first people to arrive in the country.

At the end of the day our tour guide suggested the Waitomo Glowworm Caves which is famous for its glowworms.

See you tomorrow for the rest of our trip!


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1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius

Day 3 :


The third day was a quieter day,

We slept in a hotel in Wellington and we visited the capital in a super sporty car: a McLaren 765LT which is a British car.
And the English were in New Zealand for the colony in 1841.

More on this in the next post

File:Hotel Wellington (Madrid) 01.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsMcLaren 765LT — WikipédiaVisiter Wellington, capitale de la Nouvelle-Zélande – Destination Nouvelle-Zélande

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07 décembre 2021

1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius


This is the second day in New Zealand

Day 2:

This is the second day in the country.

In the first part of the day, we visited a house from the film "The Hobbit".

At noon we ate in a restaurant called Picnic cafe.

And since we were in the city of Rotorua we decided to visit it, still hiking.


More on this in the next post.

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1 Week in New Zealand by Romeo and Marius

Hello everyone,

We are Romeo and Marius and we spent 1 week in New Zealand.
We are going to tell you about our trip.

Day 1:

We have been in the country for one day.

In the morning we went hiking on the François-Joseph glacier. Then in the afternoon we went bungee jumping. We were very stressed but in the end we jumped off the bridge. 

More on this in the next post.

Extreme Bungy Jumping with Cliff Jump Shenanigans! Play On in New Zealand! 4K! - YouTube

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